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SRLS Online Usage & Pricing

Both inside and outside of the classroom, the SRLS is widely used for research, assessment, and education to identify and measure leadership capacities. The SRLS Online is a web-based, self-service survey tool that takes about 15-minutes to complete. Purchase vouchers (individualized codes) at $8.00 each to assign to students to take the survey. Each student and survey coordinator receives access to our SRLS Online Dashboard that displays survey results for each survey taken, the ability to compare to your full group results, and additional features for coordinators to manage vouchers and access participant results. Included in your purchase you also receive technical support from our partners in IT at the University of Maryland. All data from the SRLS Online are stored by the University of Maryland on secure servers.

[Note: Results from the MSL research over time guided us to omit the Common Purpose and Change Scales from the SRLS Online. To better understand the rationale for removal from the SRLS, please see The Measurement of Socially Responsible Leadership: Considerations in Establishing Psychometric Rigor (Dugan, 2015).]

SRLS Research Licenses

The SRLS coordination team is happy to discuss usage of the SRLS for graduate student dissertations and theses. To learn more about SRLS research licenses, please contact the SRLS Team at If your research and assessment goals would be best served by institution-wide data, then the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) may be a more appropriate avenue. The MSL includes the SRLS among a variety of other scales and measures including and beyond leadership development. You can read more about the MSL and their research team at